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Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society


Who We Are:

Our Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society really began with the 100th Anniversary of the Collinwood School Fire of 1908. After our work as the Collinwood School Fire Centennial Commemoration Committee had ended with the Commemoration of the Anniversary, we realized that we wanted to continue to preserve and share the unique history of Collinwood amongst ourselves and with others. Quite frankly, we enjoyed just sitting down and talking history amongst friends and enthusiasts.

It was also clear that we weren’t at all done with the history of the Fire, plus there were so many other fascinating Collinwood stories aside from the Fire, that certainly needed to be recorded. And so, the Historical Society was created. Our first meeting was held on February 19, 2009 and we have been off and running ever since.

We have many ideas about what a historical society should be and what activities we would like to see happen. We are continuing to find new opportunities for our officers and members. We encourage all history enthusiasts to come and have fun with us, too.

Our Historical Society is a recognized entity and will soon be recognized by the State as well. We have joined other large and small Ohio historical societies as a member of the Ohio Historical Society’s sponsored organization geared for local history called the Ohio Local History Alliance (OLHA), and have established connections to other small historical groups.

We invite you to come along! Be sure to visit our “Museum” – and (most of all!) TALK to Us!! 
We look forward to hearing from you.

See you around our “neighborhood”!

Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society

Collinwood Nottingham Historical Society - Established 2009