The Collinwood Nottingham
Neighborhood Museum


Dear to every historian's heart are the actual things that make our history come alive!

Be it a mossy worn gravestone, or a postcard (and, in our case at least - railroad spikes and Euclid Beach souvenirs too!), the real thing is the final tie to us, and the people we're trying to remember and understand.

Hence - our
Collinwood Nottingham Neighborhood Virtual Museum!

As always, let us know what you may have. Anything in the way of paper helps document our history (and we'll be happy to make copies if you're more comfortable with that), your stories (we can help you write it down -- and we're not sticklers for grammar - it's your story we want!)

Please do send us pictures, written stories etc -- & don't forget: we're looking for anything "Collinwood" or "Nottingham"! These first few pages are to get us started - we need your help to show your neighborhood!

We'll start a new page with each new subject, so send along anything to add to these first pages, plus Waterloo Rd, E 185th St, Lakeshore Blvd -- and anywhere in between!

So let's get started!